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Termite Control in Lahore

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Termites have six legs and segments, as well as wings. The wings of termites are usually the same length. They are often confused with ants, but ants have longer front wings than hind wings.

Termite control in Lahore is increasing in demand day by day important because termites destroy the wooden furniture inside the house. 

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If termites are found indoors, professional treatment will be necessary. Rahman Rashid’s team has specialists who will thoroughly examine your home by checking your basement or crawlspace for moisture, your foundation for wood debris, and other risk areas that may attract an infestation.

termite control in Lahore

Types of Termite Control services in Lahore

There are two types of termite control services in Lahore

  1. Pre-construction termite control services: By spray method
  1. Post-Construction termite control services: By drilling method

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Pre Construction

Anti Termite spray in Lahore

Pre Construction Termite control in Lahore


Post Construction

Deemak Control Services in Lahore

Deemak control in Lahore

Pre Construction

Termite control services in Lahore

Process (Termite Spray method)

Regarding preconstruction termite control in Lahore, it is crucial to understand the fundamentals and important aspects. Like any other methodological procedure, it’s essential to follow the necessary guidelines for the treatment of termites simultaneously time. Professionals like Rahman Rashid look into things and ensure they achieve a great outcome. 

The entire procedure is built around three steps:

  • Inspection
  • Preparation of the site or the first application
  • Application for the second application

InspectionBefore beginning treatment, experts inspect the area. It is vital to find the presence of termites on the soil and in the foundation. It’s a common process. The team of Rahman Rashid collected soil samples and read the surrounding area to determine the type of termite and its presence.

After a thorough inspection, the expert termite control in Lahore will provide you with a suggestion. They will provide you with services based on your needs, and you may follow the service and chemicals in this manner.

  1. First Application: When foundations are dug professionally, they will apply termite spray as well as treatment at the same time. It eliminates termites and their eggs that are buried in the soil. It also creates an extra layer of protection against the possibility of a future infestation.
  2. Second application: following the grey structure has been completed If there is soil bedding as flooring, the expert termite control company will advise that you have another treatment. It is the second phase of termite treatment which is also called deemak spray in Lahore.
  3. When trying to get the soil bed re-adjusted on the flooring, there is the possibility of eggs from termites or colonial activity in the soil. 

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Post Construction

Termite treatment in Lahore

Process (Drilling Method)

Post-construction termite treatment in Lahore can be carried out after the building has been completed and is ready to be occupied or even after it has been occupied. The floor will be gently drilled with a drill to allow chemicals to be injected, then covered again in nearly the same state as before it was drilling.

  1. The first step is to thoroughly inspect the termite-infested structure to determine the point and course of the termites’ attack and the use of termite control measures.
  2. The second step involves drilling a hole in the floor’s surface and injecting anti-termite chemicals at an equal distance from the hole.
  3. Anti-termite chemicals are injected into holes using an injector to protect a structure from termites.
  4. Close the hole with white cement with the color of the floor mixed in white cement.

At what stage termite spray in Lahore is required?

Termite spray in Lahore is required in the pre-construction stage. During new construction and when the flooring is prepared, back filling is completed, and just before the fresh 1st layer of cement sand mortar for flooring is to be executed.

After the construction of grey structure of the building, another second layer shall be sprayed if flooring in ground floor is still remaining.


For minimum 10 years anti termite issue is resolved

No, its better you dont do. Call experts, because they know the chemicals and method of treatment better than you. They also use specialized tools and takes safety measures

There are many different chemicals with same properties available. We use what ever is available in the marker. Mostly we use Ultra Termi Kill Chemical

Usually it takes 4 to 6 hours to complete termite treatment in Lahore for 10 marla house.

  • Keep kids and pets away.
  • Clear kitchen and cabinets
  • Anti termite chemical is a poison which kills deemak or other types of termites, so care is required while handling
  • Anti termite chemicals are odourless

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